GRANT #270:

NYC Momentum 2017

Bringing together some of the smartest and most seasoned leaders who ensure our rights and protections.

We’re living in turbulent (and often straight-up bananas) times, demanding the attention of anybody who cares about equality and inclusion. Count us among those who care! We’re all about action, whether it’s volunteering, campaigning, donating, or speaking out – and of course, learning about the issues so we’re well informed.

Change happens when awesomely ordinary people do whatever it takes to make way for the new, from the Civil Rights and the Women’s Rights Movement to the Black Lives Matter Movement today. Today’s new activists are building on the work of others who have long been taking to the streets to ensure our rights and protections. Some of the smartest (seasoned) leaders will attend NYC Momentum 2017, sharing tools, lessons learned, and best practices to shift public opinion and organize people. Lots of people. Enough people to change everything. Obviously, it’s appeeling (banana reference redux) to get more people to this training, so this week’s grant goes to the Momentum Scholarship Fund.