Grant #530

Outdoor Adventures with Youth with Trauma

April 17, 2023

For Youth Who’ve Grown Up in Poverty, a Sanctuary in Nature

There shouldn’t be a price tag on nature, but for low-income, disabled, or disadvantaged youth, the great outdoors is too often out of reach. New Treks is a Denver-based nonprofit (BIPOC- and veteran-owned!) that is working to fix that—and have fun while doing it.

New Treks emphasizes the value of learning outdoor skills, teaching its students how to rock climb, paddle, collaborate and team build, and more. This summer, it’s hoping to build on that critical work with its first overnight adventure. In partnership with a nonprofit that serves youth living in poverty and low-income households, New Treks will bring students to beautiful Golden, Colorado, for lots of outdoor activities, including rock climbing and survival skills.

The trip will give adolescents who’ve experienced tremendous hardship the chance to spend time in nature; it’s also a learning opportunity, teaching them both practical skills as well as expanding their social-emotional learning skill set. New Treks will use our grant to cover logistical expenses. It never charges individuals for its programming, removing at least one barrier that has kept too many kids from being able to enjoy the world around them. Click over to to learn more, and then get outside!

Category: Children, Community, Empowerment, Environment, Nature, Youth



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