Grant #531

Out of the Shadows

April 24, 2023

Bringing Narratives of Gender-Based Violence “Out of the Shadows” In Mexico

For too long, gender-based violence has been considered a “private” issue—the kind of abuse that happens behind closed doors. Fear is part of the problem. Shame, too. Filmmaker Sofia Navarrete Zur wants to break the silence. In her work-in-progress documentary Out of the Shadows, Sofia is following nine women in Mexico who’ve all experienced and survived gender-based violence. She envisions the project as a “tribute to the resilience of women,” emphasizing, as Sofia explains, “the nuances and details that are often overlooked” in the mainstream media. 

Given the intimate subject matter, Sofia is prioritizing consent, participant input, and an inclusive approach as she develops Out of the Shadows. Her participants come from a range of backgrounds and sexualities, speak different languages, and hail from varied socio-economic and cultural contexts. Their ages range from 26 to 68, demonstrating that there is no one narrative of abuse or survival. “Ultimately,” Sofia writes, “the documentary establishes how these experiences are universally relatable to all women.” Our funds will help Sofia buy or rent film and recording equipment. These are stories that need to be told. We’re honored to help bring them out of the shadows and into the light.

Category: Activism, Documentary, Empowerment, Women



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