Grant #72

Peer Resources

February 22, 2014

From professionals and practitioners to the general public, Rey Carr has amassed an impressive collection of publications through Peer Resources, to educate people on the many ways we can help one another.

For over 40 years Rey Carr has played a pivotal role in mentoring and coaching peers, and has witnessed the value of working alongside others firsthand. Now, Rey’s ready to gather those vast wells of knowledge and information, and move ’em online for the whole world to read! Rey is looking to adapt Peer Resources’ award-winning publications, into e-media for widespread distribution.

By cutting out the slow and costly mailing process, Peer Resource’s e-books could reach countries and communities around the world INSTANTLY. In an age where most of the world is looking for more productive ways to live and work, the timing couldn’t be better. Of course, this noble endeavor’s going to require a little bit of help from some friends. The AWB grant will pitch in, for one, by helping Rey and Peer Resources pay for the complete conversion, editing, and proofreading of each file, into the appropriate online material.

To connect with Peer Resources, or learn more about the incredible work they’re doing, introduce yourself on Twitter, or visit the website.

Category: Education, Media, Technology, Writing



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