GRANT #73:


Who's up for some deep-street diving? Artistic director, designer, and visionary Lars Jan sure is!

Lars Jan’s aim is to challenge our outlook and understanding of the significance of mundane day-to-day life. How? By submerging us in his live aquatic performance spectacle, HOLOSCENES.

The founding director behind celebrated art ensemble Early Morning Opera, Lars has already broken more than his share of barriers. Now, he’s getting ready to soak us out of our own sense of separation from history as it unfolds. The theory behind HOLOSCENES is far-reaching and profound: the simple behaviors we do daily directly influence world climate change. In order to make a more tangible connection between the short-term causes and long-term effects, Lars is employing highly-skilled performers and an ambitious trio of suspended, cubed aquariums.

Each of these aquariums will contain a performer, acting out a common daily activity. As the tanks fill with water, the performers will be forced to respond, and adapt, to their rapidly changing surroundings. Eventually, the water will subside – temporarily – acting as a symbolic portrait of past environmental catastrophes.

Demonstrations that are ambitious don’t build themselves; that’s where this AWB grant comes in. The extra funds will take care of the construction of the 10′ cubes, as well as implementing a sophisticated hydraulic system, and enlisting the services of a professional diving consultant, to ensure each choreographer’s safety. You can join us in supporting this incredible work of art, produced by MAPP International Production, by clicking here, and selecting Holoscenes on the pull down menu.

Now dive deeper into the unprecedented performances of HOLOSCENES, by visiting Early Morning Opera on  Facebook or head on over to the exhibit’s homepage – scuba gear sold separately.