Grant #74


February 24, 2014

This dance fest is about three things: MEET, SHARE AND DANCE, to promote dance and diversity. Ah-mazing!

MeetShareDance Festival exposes local communities to the world of dance and disability—a truly powerful medium of expression.

Monika Pozek spent years as a dancer in Europe. Once she started working in Argentina with mixed ability dancers, she realized the far-reaching possibilities of dance. She returned to Spain determined to create a movement to spread dance to kids with autism and Down syndrome. The first MeetShareDance Festival launched in 2012, and it’s become an annual four-day international dance fest ever since.

The MeetShareDance Festival is about just that—meet local dancers, share innovative dance moves, and dance the night away—all while spreading the word on dance and disability. Monika is taking everything into account to make this festival the best! With this AWB Grant, MeetShareDance will adapt the festival location to blind dancers and she’ll rent dance wheelchairs so attendees can explore new ways of movement.

Get dancing people! Learn more about MeetShareDance here and follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

Category: Community, Dance, Performance