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Hip Hop Feminism Workshop and Dance Party

February 11, 2019

If You Are Not Down With Crunk Feminism, This Awesomeness Is Probably Not Your Jam

What is hip-hop feminism? It’s social activism on the edge, for new generation thinkers who are on the front lines of the race and gender politics of our time. Bringing together the next young leaders of a transformational movement is our kind of Awesome. The Hip Hop Feminism Workshop and Dance Party was not your mother’s feminist fest, unless your mom is a cutting-edge author, speaker, or thought-leader in contemporary intersectional feminism.

This first-time gathering offered a hundred people the chance to do a deep dive and feel all the feels, balancing the intellectual activism with a time for celebration and self-care. Much of the discussion explored subjects featured inThe Crunk Feminist Collection, essays that are intended to be the defining text of hip hop generation feminism. There were discussions about taking direct action, building the movement, and cultivating an inclusive community. Panels explored how art and literature are mobilizing, inspiring, and healing creators and audiences in the time of what some feel is a cultural crisis.

Oh, and did we mention it was also a Dance Party? Activists, especially people of color, are facing the toll that their activism is taking on their well-being. Prioritizing time for lightness, for joy, for relaxation and release and just plain fun — these are not selfish indulgences, they are survival skills.

This Awesome Without Borders grant went toward renting the venue so the panels and the party had a place to happen. Even if you didn’t make it to this event, throw your own personal dance party, or find another way to give your hard-working activist self a break. (We admit some of the crunk we dance to is not feminist, Take it up with L’il Jon.)

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