Grant #105

Young Voices Gathering

September 1, 2014

Because every girl has a voice that must be heard!

Marianne Schnall is the founder and executive director of For almost 20 years, the site has acted as an online hub for women and activism worldwide. Now, they’re pooling their vast network of voices together for the future of young girls.

With Young Voices Gathering, a one-day assembly convened to discuss the state of girls on all levels, the primary question posed was direct: “how can we work collectively and individually to ensure we are advancing the status quo for girls?” The event’s intent to combine the knowledge and expertise of various leaders and thinkers will lead to more efficient application of resources, and reduce each participant’s need to reinvent any wheels. Watch the highlights video here!

By emphasizing common goals and group sharing, Young Voices hopes to bridge the gaps that determine a young girl’s quality of life and self perception, by being the voice of action & reason many feel they lack. This AWB grant helped fund the many costs associated with producing an event of this magnitude, from catering to administration.

To learn more about Marianne and her network, visit the‘s Facebook and Twitter pages.

Category: Activism, Empowerment, Girls, Social Impact, Women, Youth



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