GRANT #104:

Flipping Physics

Flipping the script for physics teachers.

Jonathan Thomas-Palmer used to teach high school physics… until he flipped his classes. After dipping in flipping during his last year under tenure, he retired from formal teaching to launch Flipping Physics. Wanna check it out? Watch this video comparing a traditional to a “Flipped” class. The two classes were filmed 1 year apart and are shown simultaneously to illustrate the differences…

Flipping Physics is a program that creates & shares free videos physics teachers can use to flip their own classes. Flipping the focus of the curriculum, (devoting home time to lectures, and class time to hands-on work)  promotes a classroom that’s more student-centered, interactive, relaxed, and fun.

It also frees up space for more questions & assessments, leading to more efficient use of time. And with a little bit of a push from his friends at AWB, Jonathan can acquire the equipment needed to continue producing high-end clips that are as entertaining as they are educational.

Flipping Physics is an awesome way to reintroduce the world to science. To learn more, visit the FP webpage, or see what’s up on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. When school starts getting stale, just flip it!