Grant #103

Music & Environmental Sustainability in Tanzania

August 18, 2014

Creating a sustainable future for music, and the natural world that births it.

Dana Riveccio, as a classical musician and instrument repair specialist, is hip to the relationship between music and our environment. In addition to passing on her expertise, she’s embarking on a trip to Tanzania with Clarinets for Conservation to promote music & environment sustainability.

The African Blackwood Tree is in danger. This tree is what many instruments are made from; without it, the music world would suffer greatly. To preserve the music, and Earth at large, these brave bards are using the power of melody to raise awareness and promote conservation among students and the community.

With innovative interdisciplinary performances, as well as tree plantings, Dana and co. plan to plant a sincere desire for a harmonious future, by connecting the clarinet with the tree it came from. Her AWB grant will go towards the purchase of supplies and tools for various institutions, in addition to training local repair technicians.

You can find out more about Dana here or on Facebook. You can even follow her awesome journey at her blog! Someone once said: “music is forever”. With the efforts of folks like Dana, we hope the trees will be able to say the same thing!

Category: Children, Community, Culture, Music, Philanthropy, Social Impact, Youth



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