Grant #94

A mobile tool lending library

June 16, 2014

Lots of Love Detroit is turning abandoned lots into active launchpads for local movers and shakers.

Work’s a lot easier when you have the tools for the job; it’s even easier when the tools come to you! With Lots of Love behind the wheel, Motor City residents are finding all the right tools to keep on truckin’.

A volunteer-powered operation, Lots of Love improves lives by offering a free, mobile library via their awesome tool truck. The goal? To promote resident engagement and community care, through the tactical transformation of vacant lots into productive community spaces. Hosting a surplus of vacant lots and abandoned homes, Detroit holds a lion’s share of under-utilized land. Love is turning that state of affairs around by lending clubs and communities all the tools they need to complete their projects, for free!

The service takes time, money, and transportation out of the equation, giving residents open access to the tools needed to take care of their city. With a truck already secured, Love just needs a little more backing to ensure this mobile treasure chest is stocked with a wide range of tools and supplies.

Wanna find out more about the awesome work Lots of Love is doing? Check them out on Facebook and remember: where there’s empty space, there’s endless possibilities.

Category: Community, Philanthropy, Social Impact



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