Grant #93

Dancing Hearts Foundation 4 Kids

June 9, 2014

Helping young people counter stress with a few hip moves, and a whole lot of groove.

A dance a day keeps depression away!

Dancing your problems away might seem like a silly way to alleviate stress, but when you think about it: what better way to get up, than getting down? The Dancing Hearts Foundation 4 Kids was created to empower children in dysfunctional homes or with low self-esteem to present them with a strong outlet for positive self-expression.

Dancing is a multi-purpose discipline by default. It seamlessly combines exercise, music, rhythm, and balance into a communicative display that boosts confidence and can-do. With DHF4K serving as mentor and facilitator, young children & adolescents alike are learning to use dance as a tool to not only deal with depression, but overcome it. And they’re doing it with style!

The group’s students are smiling and building strong friendships, while falling in love with dance and the freedom it brings. All the team needs is a little extra funding to cover daily operations, appropriate attire, and sponsoring. That’s where the AWB marching brigade comes into play!

See what the team’s all about in detail at their homepage. Or, follow them on Facebook and Twitter, and stay in touch with some real life happy feet.

Category: Children, Community, Culture, Dance, Empowerment, Girls, Performance, Wellness



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