Grant #39

Dances Made to Order

November 11, 2013

With Dances Made to Order, they do the moves YOU make!

Kingsley Irons is a choreographer, filmmaker, and the Artistic Director of online film series Dances Made to Order. The concept is simple: every month, three talented artists are invited to create a five-minute dance film on a theme selected by the group’s online community.

Dances Made to Order also produces the En Route Dance Film Festival each December. This live streamed program includes a global selection of dance films unavailable anywhere else online.

In the past year, the company’s audience has doubled! And with this AWB grant, Dances Made to Order can finance a content delivery network that allows viewers around the world to access the films from their computers and mobile devices.

Learn more about Dances Made to Order on their website, or check them out on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Inspired? Do this.

UPDATE: Our friends at Dances Made to Order are dancing into their next act. They’ve decided to end the Dances Made series and shut down the website after a very successful two and a half years working with more than 130 artists from all over the world and reaching viewers in more than 125 countries. While this project itself is ephemeral, awesome is forever and we wish the best of luck to the awesome Kingsley and Bryan!

Category: Art, Culture, Dance, Film



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