GRANT #121:

Middle East Film Initiative

Training and connecting local media & entertainment professionals. The audience is the actor.

Ruth Priscilla Kirstein is something of a modern Renaissance woman. From fencing and dancing to science and film, she’s no stranger to working in unfamiliar territory. So who better to kick-start the Middle East Film Initiative?

Ruth’s Middle East Film Initiative is far from a simple film festival. The group has already made great strides in crafting a closer connection between independent and big budget films, as well as the artists and audiences. By providing interdisciplinary training through an active, hands-on forum, work opportunities and audiences are growing faster than you can say “CUT”!

The most awesome part of the group is their commitment to strong representation of women both in front of and behind the camera, as well as using film to open up dialogue and involvement within a wide range of communities. With this AWB grant, the Middle East Film Initiative will be able to cover pre-production expenses for an upcoming TV pilot, written by Shirin Kamal, featuring youth subculture, including LGBT, in parts of the Middle East.

Keep up with what Ruth and the group are up to! Watch a short teaser of a reading here! You can find out more on their website and by following their new  Twitter account.