GRANT #439:


If Any Of This Sounds Familiar, You Have Our Sympathy.

Maybe you never saw the patterns until you were forced to spend so much time together. The mood around your place ebbs and flows like the tides of the ocean. Sometimes it’s a beautiful stroll on a romantic beach. But a random wave can surprise you, knocking you down and pulling you under.

Katrina Lillian Sorrentino explores a number of ways this relationship pattern can play out in a documentary short called “Tidal.”

Have you ever heard of “narcissistic abuse” or seen an interview with someone who discovered they were living with a sociopath or a psychopath? If your answer is “no,” Katrina is making this documentary for you. She wants you to recognize the signs the minute you see them. And if you already know this story because it’s your story (Katrina says it’s as if everyone kept the same diary), she wants you to feel seen.

She’s not suggesting that she or you are capable of diagnosing what’s going on with someone who might have a personality disorder. Even the most experienced professionals struggle to agree on definitive diagnoses.  Katrina is hoping to convey the emotional fallout from encounters with such abuse: the anger, the pain, and the journey to release and healing.

You don’t have to get anyone’s official seal of approval to recognize when things don’t feel right to you and aren’t getting any better.

Our contribution will help cover production expenses for the film’s big finale.

Is it time for your next act?