GRANT #133:

LA Storytellers Outdoor Film Series

Movies that make us think and get up out of our seats!

Welcome to the evolution of dinner and a movie! LA Storytellers – a spirited collab between LA Renaissance, KAOS Network and Leimert Park Village – is about introducing audiences to films that encourage dialogues, group activity and community engagement. It’s a one-two-three of epic proportions!

With LA Storytellers, the story doesn’t stop when the credits roll. Each screening is accompanied by a think tank, and community meetings are held weekly. Friendships are forged, and resources are shared.

Even better: screening donations go directly to the People’s Plaza and tech initiative; both reflect efforts at bringing more innovation and artistry into the area. This AWB grant will in turn help finance operational costs and marketing. After all: what good is a story, even a great one, if it isn’t getting told?

Got an idea to share with LA’s dream-weaving team, or just looking to catch some ace films? Don’t be shy! Check the group out on Instagram, or connect with two of the minds behind the scenes, Michelle Zei and Jason Sneed, via linked-in.