Grant #132

Hope on a String: Marching Band Project

March 9, 2015

Hope on a String plays right into the heart of healing

Christina Bechhold is a founding board member and current chairman of Hope on a String. Having been with the organization from its conception (after the 2010 earthquake that rocked Haiti), and supported its growth since then, she is committed to helping the nonprofit organization expand and build upon their early success. That’s where we came in!

Hope on a String runs a community center in the micro-region of Arcahaie, Haiti. This includes a physical space to engage and empower the individuals through the central focus of music and music performance. Community members have the opportunity to participate in music classes, performance groups, theater and dance initiatives. Hope on a String provides 90+ hours of weekly programming, and serve an average of 500 participants per 14- 16 week session. They have enrolled over 3,500 unique individuals over the last four years. Hope on a String believes these classes lead to increased levels of confidence for their students.

With these funds, Hope on a String plans to proceed with their five-year strategic plan, to provide more performance and outreach opportunities for their participants. Group music and dance are outlets for all Haitians, and Rara, a traditional name for celebratory music processions, can be found in the streets all over the country. To expand their programming, Hope on A String will use this grant for instruments, and uniforms. Hope on a String wants to equip and grow their new drumline/marching band so they can offer spontaneous and joyful performances throughout the region that encourage community engagement and pride through music.

Discover more of the awesome work Hope on a String have been up to on their website, Facebook, and Twitter.

Category: Community, Music, Social Impact



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