Grant #120

Empowering Epilepsy

December 15, 2014

Enabling people with epilepsy to take charge of their life.

Thanks to brain surgery, Leigh Goldie no longer suffers from the seizures that started when she was a child. However, she remembers how epilepsy made her feel, and she knows she’s not alone. Reaching out to others and sharing personal experiences led to the founding of Empowering Epilepsy.

Empowering Epilepsy is Leigh’s answer to a pressing problem. Her support group meets several times monthly, bringing people with epilepsy and their loved ones under one roof to reach out and be reached out to. Being able to express and exchange experiences with others who have gone or are going through the difficulties brought about by seizures can be cathartic and encouraging.


“There’s more to us than epilepsy.”

A grant will help with everything from expanding support groups and purchasing pedometers, to producing newsletters for local neurologists to get the word out. Empowering Epilepsy has already demonstrated it is willing to do whatever it takes to remove any artificial barriers barring people with epilepsy from experiencing a simple, ordinary life.

Reach out to the group here, and on Facebook, to show some support for a cause worth empowering.

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