Grant #135

Sex Education for Social Justice

March 30, 2015

Sex Education for Social Justice coordinates fun, hands-on, and challenging events to create a culture of sex that is equitable and just for all.

Melina Giaconda Davis and Colectiva Justicia Sexual are our 135th grantee! Despite the fact that the youth of Mexico City receive some exposure to some sexual education, Colectiva Justicia Sexual believes it’s informal education that unfortunately endures. This informal education frequently reinforces heteronormative and patriarchal notions of gender, sexuality, and relationships which eventually lead to the mistreatment and marginalization of women and people who are gender non-conforming. Colectiva Justicia Sexual intends to battle this cycle of misinformation.

Through the Sex Education for Social Justice initiative, Colectiva Justicia Sexual will bring their new take on sex education around Mexico City. They’ll begin with the metro station, La Raza, which is a busy transfer center between two universities. Through a series of public lectures and workshops, the organization will offer simple and necessary sex education on gender, sexuality, and relationships. The goal is to promote gender equity, embracing of diverse sexual identifications, consent, communication, and safe sex.

Colectiva Justicia Sexual will use the funds awarded for a projector and portable screen to display multi-media sex education presentations in informal spaces around the city. The organization will also use this grant to support the currently-under-construction website. Eventually, the website will be a place for presentation attendees to connect with more Colectiva Justicia Sexual events and resources.

To keep up with Melina, Colectiva Justicia Sexual, and the Sex Education for Social Justice initiative, join their Facebook group and check out their parent organization’s site, Come As We Are!

Sex education for social justice is the best kind of sexual education. Here’s to better informed intercourse!

Category: Activism, Community, Education, Empowerment, Social Impact, Wellness, Youth



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