GRANT #65:


Those who plan to succeed, must first learn to read. That seems to be the thinking behind Angeline Makore's latest brainchild for social change, the Spark Girls Mentorship Program.

Growing up in rural Zimbabwe taught Angeline about the deep chasm of economic disparity at an early age. Witnessing the lack of quality education, positive encouragement, and social awareness that separates so many children worldwide from prospects of a rewarding future didn’t deter the drive of Angeline in becoming a shaping leader. In fact, it ignited her. Today, Angeline actively volunteers in several organizations dedicated to combating illiteracy and counseling abuse victims, all while pursuing a bachelor of science in psychology. Her experiences as a human rights advocate have led to her founding organizations such as Spark Read Trust Zimbabwe, and Spark Girls.

As an agent for social justice, Angeline’s scope just gets brighter and brighter. In order to continue igniting the minds of the youth, Spark Girls will use this grant to acquire additional class materials. The best part is these lights won’t go out: once a girl completes the program, she can begin mentoring in her community as well, keeping the cycle for a sustainable future firmly in place.

You can learn more about the sparkling efforts of Angeline’s mission here or visit Spark Read Trust on Facebook to see what she and the crew are up to.