Grant #64


February 14, 2014

Talk about living on the go – Marty Stano is all over the place! The world-traveling Michigan native is hoping to spread the word firsthand about the joys of good-old fashioned footwork, with AWESOMeFEET.

AWESOMeFEET is a true grassroots movement, in more ways than one. An accomplished director, teacher, and hiker, Marty is embarking on a non-stop mission to synthesize art, film, music, dance, athletics, public performance, and improv. Whew! It probably wouldn’t be a stretch to say Marty’s a tough one to keep up with. Fortunately for socks and shoes, there is a method behind the marathoner’s madness.

Through actively engaging the body in ways it isn’t used to, Marty believes we can greatly improve our mental and physical endurance. The seamless marriage of art, sports, and fitness, challenges the body in ways that empower people by encouraging a more engaging lifestyle, regardless of personal culture, or cross trainers. In order to help others use it and not lose it, Marty’s AWB grant will allow him to secure the proper filming equipment needed to capture his high-endurance AWESOMeFEET documentaries.

Don’t wait for the dust to start settling! Visit Marty’s Youtube channel, and watch those original awesome feet in action. Then, join the AWESOMeFEET movement on Facebook and Twitter.

Category: Dance, Film, Health, Wellness



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