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Yoga for Resilience Against Injustice

November 25, 2019

Raise Your Hand if You Are Partly Responsible for the Worldwide Cultural Epidemic of White Supremacy

We’ve all been culturally conditioned to maintain white supremacy, according to social justice attorney, legal educator, mediator, anti-racism advocate, and trauma-informed yoga teacher Dea Lott. She says white supremacy thrives on the individual actions of both people of color and white people. As a Black American woman, Dea experienced racial oppression and employment discrimination. She used her own journey in recovering from racial trauma to develop Yoga for Resilience against Injustice™ (YRI™) programs. She uses yoga and deep self-exploration to guide participants toward recognition of racial trauma and ways to develop more resiliency.

The YRI offers wellness spaces for people of all races and ethnicities to examine their cultural conditioning, acknowledge what part they play in white supremacy, engage in healthy and productive discourse, and strive for racial reconciliation and unity against white supremacy.

There’s a Sharing Circle for People of Color and a Sharing Circle for White People, with an opportunity for the two to come together in a Unity Circle by the end of the program.

We know that yoga has the ability to transform the spirit, mind, and body — we want to see if it can transform the cultural epidemic of white supremacy as well. Our Awesome Without Borders grant will underwrite the first free/donation only YRI workshop with space rental, yoga supplies, and snacks, so that people who can’t ordinarily afford such specialized programming will be able to come at no cost.

Learn more here, where you can also make your own donation. Oh, and Dea operates a mobile yoga studio, Che Yoga LLC, in Baltimore, MD. Maybe you should invite her to your neighborhood!

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