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Sueños Sin Fronteras de Tejas

December 30, 2019

Would You Buy A Meal For An Immigrant On The Texas Border? We Are & We Hope You Will Too

One thing we can agree on: children don’t deserve to starve. Kids who need an inhaler NEED TO HAVE AN INHALER. Maybe you’ve turned away from the painful reality that so many children and their families are facing at the Texas-Mexico border and we don’t blame you. It’s tough. Some tell stories of abuse, others are sick, many are just wondering where their next meal is coming from.

In San Antonio, immigrant families have turned to Sueños Sin Fronteras de Tejas (SSFTX) which means “Dreams Without Borders of Texas” and La Casa de Maria y Marta Hospitality Shelter to provide the necessities of life. Together these organizations surround the immigrants with support for their many needs, from transportation to baby supplies, from a roof over their heads to menstrual products.

If the problems on our border seem too big for you to make a difference, we would agree, except we know that everyone can help in some way and every bit of help does indeed make a difference. Why this organization instead of so many others? This is trauma-informed care, which means that the people providing services are trained to meet the particular needs of women and others who have experienced sexual assault and/or other trauma on their journey. That’s important. Trauma-informed care helps people to heal and find hope in their already-challenging circumstances.

We wish this grant could buy more groceries and vital health supplies — that’s what SSFTX plans to do with their Awesome Without Borders cash. Most of us enjoy privileges because our forebears once were immigrants. Probably somebody gave them a meal along the way. If that’s you, maybe you’ll pay it forward.

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