Grant #378

Caregiver Collective

December 23, 2019

You’re 25 Years Old And You Live With Mom — Because You’re Her Caregiver. (And It’s Weird.)

Chances are you’ve wondered if your parents will need you to take care of them when they’re older. Except you probably assume it would happen when you’re older. Young people aren’t usually taking care of parents, but some are. Jennifer Levin was thirtysomething when her father received a challenging diagnosis and she stepped in to help. She often felt alone and at a loss.

At the time Jennifer didn’t know how many people were in similar situations, thrust into a caregiver role at a time in life when their peers are starring in their own lives. Instead they’re supporting players, figuring out health care proxies, insurance forms, administering meds, and wondering how they’re going to manage. When Jennifer learned there were millions of millennial caregivers (including over 30% who are not white and genders other than female), she created the online Caregiver Collective. Members of this community of support encourage each other, sharing resources and tips, reducing that terrible feeling of isolation that so many young caregivers experience.

From all over the US (and other countries, too) millennial >caregivers join Jennifer for video support chats and tutorials with experts on Zoom. The caregivers participate from home without having to find someone to take over the caregiving duties. They need these webinars! Let’s face it, the average Millennial has no reason to be skilled in the details of elder law, or asking for paid family leave, or helping someone who’s not family.

Our AWB grant will underwrite the Zoom fees, and will help the Caregiver Collective shift most of their community activities from Facebook to their own website.

Learn more about this compassionate community here. (For parental caregivers of any age, our grantee Eloise Coopersmith wrote a musical.)

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