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Revolutionary Women Leaders of Puna Mini Retreat

October 14, 2019

In Traumatic Times, The Caregivers Need To Be Cared For Too

Whatever rocked your world in the last year or so, you probably weren’t chased out of your home by an erupting volcano.

The people of Puna, Hawai’i live in the shadow of Kilauea. They’re among the poorest people in the state, which happens to be one of the most ethnically and racially diverse in the USA.

It’s been so sad to see the devastating effects of volcano activity: many people of Puna have lost their homes, their businesses, or both. Certainly there’s a heartbreaking loss of community. Loved ones forced to relocate have been scattered, and there’s so much sadness for the loss of neighbors and friends who have moved away.

Through it all, extraordinary women leaders continued serving in domestic violence shelters, teaching at-risk youth, counseling college students, and amplifying the transgender community.

This work is doubly draining, because they’re not only dealing with their own trauma because of the continued volcanic and earthquake activity, but their work brings them into contact with the suffering of so many others.

This Awesome grant will help fund a mini retreat facilitated by The Holy Women Icons Project to offer gratitude for their work.

With our funds, organizers will provide opportunities to meditate, rest, do gentle yoga, eat delicious and healthy local food, and participate in self-care rituals aimed at helping the women sustain themselves in their continued work in marginalized communities. We’ll cover the cost of lunch at the retreat, art and journaling supplies, and gifts for all the women to remind them of the retreat and the community’s appreciation for what they do.

If they have enough money left, there might be some lomilomi.

It’s a special Hawai’ian massage, and now we want one because they sound AWESOME.

Mahalo, wahine e! (Thank you, ladies.)

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