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Celebrating DC Women in Tech 2015

June 8, 2015

It started with an article about the many qualified and excelling–yet clearly under recognized–tech women in DC.

In response to the lack of female representation in the Washingtonian’s annual tech list (only 27 of the 100 “tech titans” were women), Meredith Fineman took matters into her own hands by creating a list of awesome women in tech in DC. The list was so awesome, the article so powerful, that it created a groundswell of its own.

The article went viral, highlighting the need for connection among and between the DC women tech community. Meredith knew the time for solidarity was now. She quickly organized Celebrating Women in Tech 2015 as a chance to celebrate these women across the community, as well as to merge other subgroups (such as Lesbians Who Tech, TechladyMafia) into one united front with a common goal: acknowledging women in technology and getting more women into the field.

The event is bringing together the powerful and successful tech women in DC for greater communication and connection. Meredith recognized that there are so many women doing incredible things in the world of technology, and recognition for their tireless work is long overdue. We can get down with that!

Seeing as there is no registration or entrance fees for the event, Celebrating Women in Tech 2015 is relying on grants and donations to fund the bulk of this project. The AWB grant will help to lower the total cost for the venue, drinks, security, etc. This is truly an investment in these women and the value of the DC tech community.

Check out Meredith’s company Finepoint PR for updates on the convening on Facebook and Twitter.

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