Grant #145

Feminist Camp

June 15, 2015

A transformative week of feminism in action that can’t be found anywhere else.

Looking for an intersectional, action-packed exploration of feminism(s)? Break out of the traditional conference mold and head to Feminist Camp in New York City! Started by feminist rock star Amy Richards – author (Manifesta, Grassroots, Opting In), activist, and co-founder of Soapbox Inc – Feminist Camp is a dynamic, week-long immersion into feminism focused on conversation, discovery, and growth. The camp is designed to “show” people what feminism looks like in real time, beyond the theory, and provides campers with opportunities to connect with leaders in the field, participate in meetings and mini-internships, as well as workshops highlighting diverse forms of feminism(s) in action.

Besides going deeper into daily themes – such as philanthropy, media, reproductive justice, or sexual assault – the camp is also a place for campers to develop their identities and to create a peer network that will likely stay with them forever. The camp takes place three times a year, and is open to all who are interested in learning more about transforming feminist theory into practice. It is especially recommended for upperclass undergraduates, and recently graduated individuals.

Amy will use her “awesome grant” to help offset some of the scholarships and financial aid that they offer to campers. Additionally, the team may let campers “re-grant” $500, which proves to be a great leadership exercise.

If Feminist Camp sounds awesome to you, sign up today! The next session will take place in January, 2016. Follow their Facebook and Twitter accounts for camp updates, photos, and more.

Category: Empowerment, Girls, Women, Youth



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