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Jungle Project Social Justice Scale Up

November 18, 2019

There’s A Tree So Chock-Full Of Nutritious Fruit You Can Live On It (Hurricane Survivors DO!)

Ever see the movie Mutiny On The Bounty? It all started with breadfruit. There have been five feature films based on what happened with the crew of the British ship The Bounty, which was sent to Tahiti to bring home 1000 breadfruit plants as a cheap source of food. Breadfruit has the texture of freshly baked bread, and tastes like a potato. The fruits are so nutritious you can live on them, which Puerto Rican survivors of Hurricane Maria did when they were cut off from other food supplies.

Breadfruit grows best where people are most likely to have trouble getting enough nutritious food. And breadfruit trees are good ecological companions for bananas, cacao and other crops that thrive in the same tropical conditions.

This way of growing things is regenerative agroforestry, and Jungle Project is all about trees, training, and trade. They’re bringing their fresh approach to smallholder farmers, while creating new opportunities for breadfruit in US markets. Expanding the customer base would increase demand, and that means more trees would be planted.

Jungle Project’s “Revitalize the Tropics” program is expected to jumpstart the planting of 600,000 new breadfruit trees, which could feed over 3.6M people.

Learn more about Jungle Project here, Oh, are you a restaurateur or other food pro interested in trying out the flour? Or do you have an idea for collaborating? Write [email protected].

We wish them bountiful harvests!

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