Grant #106

Knoxville Creative Reuse

September 8, 2014

Turning trash into treasure? That’s what’s up in Tennessee!

You wanna know what singes Kelly Youhas’ strings? Watching perfectly good trash go to waste! After realizing just how much priceless junk was being sentenced to landfills, she decided to take matters into her own hands to encourage more responsible environmental practices. And just like that, Knoxville Creative Reuse was born!

Knoxville Creative Reuse is an aspiring creative reuse center, a resource East Tennessee’s badly in need of! These centers function as “scrap stores” – places where discarded materials are collected and distributed for educational and creative purposes. Kelly plans to use Knoxville Creative Reuse to push sustainable living practices in the Knoxville area.

While many of these centers are open to the public, others are restricted to educators and organizations. Kelly’s mission is to make Knoxville’s reuse center completely public, and partner with nonprofits to spread the word about waste and the environment. Her AWB grant will jumpstart the campaign to rally support, and compile a series of display art for demonstrations.

So what’s your junk really worth? Apparently, a lot! Visit Knoxville Creative Reuse’s Facebook page for more tidbits and “trash” talk.

Category: Activism, Community, Education, Philanthropy, Sanitation



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