Grant #107

PET Thatch Project

September 15, 2014

Putting plastic to work to build sustainable housing and preserve the planet.

Deepak Ravi is a young visionary who’s bringing his dreams of a sustainable future to life. To do this, the young engineering wiz is employing the use of everyday plastic bottles to build thatch roofs! Now why didn’t we think of that?

The PET Thatch project gives billions of discarded bottles a second life, through thatch roofing! Ravi and other students use custom-built apparatus to collect, cut, and attach PET strips together. The roofs they’ve constructed in Ecuador are not only safe, they’re also durable, pest-free and bring in natural light!

The team’s field tests are proof positive that reusing old materials is more efficient than traditional recycling methods. This work could even lead to innovative new, “pro-Earth” job & business opportunities! An AWB grant will go towards the supplies needed to complete initial roof installations in Ecuador, as well as staying connected with the rest of the world via social media.

Stop by the PET Thatch team’s website or Facebook page and learn more about how you can turn your water bottle into a warm roof over someone’s head.

Category: Community, Design, Environment, Philanthropy, Science, Social Impact, Technology



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