Grant #75

Naked Narratives

February 25, 2014

A weekly writing salon for women to share and celebrate their bodies.

Feminist Jheanelle Garriques is blazing a barefooted trail across the art community with her Naked Narratives writing salon.

A humanitarian at heart, Jheanelle’s passion is helping people find and define themselves. Her latest project looks to do just that, in a very revealing way. At Naked Narratives, Jheanelle and her circle of women will explore different parts of their bodies weekly — from hair to feet. In addition to sharing intimate conversations and keeping written logs, each week will bring a unique adornment activity into the mix. From braiding hair to making coconut bras, the group promises to be — like each participant — a one-of-a-kind event.

In order to give her guests the best possible experience, Jheanelle is looking to bring in specialists from all fields to help with the adornment exercises. Her AWB grant will allow for their hire, as well as acquiring the raw materials used in the activities. Remaining funds would be needed to assemble the writings into a printed anthology. With that, Naked Narratives can evolve from a local to national — and international — statement of self-empowerment, through self-discovery.

To learn more about the hidden benefits of baring it all, visit the mastermind behind Naked Narratives on Facebook and Twitter.

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