Grant #376

December 9, 2019

Who’s A Good Doggie? (If Your Dog Isn’t, You Are Not A Well-Trained Owner.)

Did you know? The Czech Republic has more dogs per capita than almost anywhere else in Europe (Romania and Poland vie for the top spots). With so many dogs, there are hundreds of animal shelters and thousands of dog adoptions. People need guidance when they’re choosing their animal companions, whether or not they’re adopting from a shelter.

That’s why Kateřina and Tomas created Psichologie, a resource for dog owners. In the Czech language, “psi” means “dogs” and you can probably guess that “psychologie” means psychology. Tomas feels it’s his calling to teach people how dogs think and learn.

Teaching people about dogs is important to help them succeed in teaching anything to their dogs. Psichologie’s lessons include the basic needs of different breeds, the stages of a dog’s life, how a dog’s brain remembers things, and what dogs’ senses tell them. It’s not all about “sit and stay.” If you have a dog, you’re responsible for their health and safety, and you have responsibilities under the law, too.

Kateřina and Tomas will use this Awesome Without Borders grant to print leaflets featuring their “Ten Commandments” for new dog owners, which they hope to distribute at over 200 animal shelters. They hope that the people who work at the shelters will learn too, so that in their everyday interactions, the staff can actually help dogs become more socialized and adoptable.

Learn more here, and don’t worry if Czech is not your language, Google will translate the page for you, just as Tomas hopes to help dog owners translate their pup’s language with ease.

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