Grant #255

Punch Out the Patriarchy

July 31, 2017

Introducing the Feminist Fight Club of our dreams.

What if girls didn’t question their strength? What if they chose to live true to their own definition of what it is to be a girl? What could they achieve if they were free to be themselves, even if who they are is different from what others expect them to be? Our latest grantee, She Fights Foundation, isn’t going to stop swinging at the double standards while they look for those answers.

Launched in 2016, the mad scrappy She Fights Foundation offers free boxing classes to girls, ages 14-19, who come from low-income homes in NYC. Through this program, “fighting like a girl” means girls discovering their physical power, their inner strength, their bulldog tenacity, and their Sasha Fierce self-confidence. Unleashing the eye of the tigress, if you will.

We know awesome, unstoppable women when we see them — we see you, She Fights Foundation, and all the girls (we’re talking serious inclusion here) you make visible and mighty. This grant will purchase boxing equipment for girls, ensuring that they have what they need to go hard. Follow the fight on Facebook and Instagram.



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