Grant #485

Ramp for Wheelchair Access to Event Space

January 24, 2022

Milkwood Farm Wants to Make Its Reading Paradise Accessible to All

Milkwood Farm is paradise for book lovers. When it opens as a retreat center in the West Catskills later in 2022, it’ll welcome writers and artists, editors, educators, and booksellers—those who work in the wonderful world of children’s books, in particular. Its founder Sophie Blackall—herself an award-winning author and illustrator of over 50 books for children—envisions the barn as an oasis for the kind of people who dream up new worlds, use their imaginations to tell new stories, and delight and nurture the next generation of readers. So like we said, paradise

With that as her mission, of course Sophie wants Milkwood to be as accessible as possible. What good are shelves of books stretched across two stories if not all readers can reach them? Sophie will use our grant to help Milkwood meet ADA standards, with a ramp to the event space and dining area so that Milkwood is a true haven for all visitors. After it opens, it’ll host workshops and events as well as overnight retreats for writers and readers alike. Calling all bookworms! And we do mean all

Category: Accessibility, Children, Community, Education, Youth



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