Grant #54

Angel Heart Pajama Project

February 4, 2014

Dedicated to bringing comfort to foster children with gifts books and pajamas, the Angel Heart Pajama Project also reminds us of the goodness in the world.

Angel Heart Pajama Project is not only Maria and her sister’s vision, but their 84 year old mother’s as well. When their family left Cuba in 1963, they experienced the challenges of adjusting to a challenging new life as refugees.

Though the family budget was tight, Maria’s mother never failed to find the means to buy her girls new pajamas and books — something that became a celebrated family tradition that the girls looked forward to during the holidays. Maria and her volunteer-run organization, Angel Heart Pajama Project, are keeping this tradition alive and will soon distribute new pajamas and books to enrich the lives of children in need.

Angel Heart Pajama Project is based in Arizona, where a record number of children are in state custody. These children often go to foster care in the clothes they are wearing and are separated from the rest of their belongings. Maria’s awesome organization hopes to provide some comfort during such a challenging experience by providing free pajamas and children’s books. Maria says, “We hope to bring comfort and also encourage the joy of reading.” Our team is delighted to support such goodness and help purchase new pajamas and books to be distributed to children ages 2-12.

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