GRANT #53:

Dark Matter

Self-censorship was part of daily life for new media artist and art activist, Morehshin Allahyari. Born and raised in Iran, she later moved to the United States seeking a life of self-exile and freedom of expression as a media artist and an art activist.

Morehshin’s work encompasses a scope of 3D animation, digital filmmaking, installation, and performance as seen in exhibits globally. She’s currently working on a series of combined, sculptural objects modeled using Maya, a 3D computer graphic software, and printed to form “humorous juxtapositions”. This new series will include standard objects commonly used in many countries around the world but are forbidden or discouraged by the Iranian government. Morehshin’s objective of using 3D printing technology is to simultaneously resist and raise awareness of the power that constantly threatens, discourages, and actively works against the ownership of these prohibited items.

“Printing these objects create a re-presentation of my own personal memory of life in Iran,” she told us. Our team admires Morehshin’s passion to evoke change with her art and we’re thrilled to support her upcoming installation, “Forbidden Orgy.”

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