Grant #5


March 18, 2013

Who doesn’t need more whimsy and magic in their life? Our thoughts exactly!

We LOVE Luminescence, the latest project of our fifth grantee The Experience Collective, a visual design studio that transforms physical spaces into memorable visual experiences.

A 750 foot long public art installation, Luminescence was created to float in the Arizona Canal in Scottsdale, Arizona. The artwork will open to the public at the Canal Convergence Spring Equinox event in March and will be free and accessible until late May 2013.

The installation will feature hundreds of phosphorescent bubbles that will rise from the canal floor and float along the sides of the canal, mimicking seaweed. In daylight, the transparent, reflective bubbles will create an illusion on the surface of the canal while they absorb the energy of the Arizona sun. Then, as the sun sets, the bubbles will take on a surprising new life as they begin to glow — even attracting fish!

To learn more about the Luminescence Project click here. You can also follow the project on Facebook here!

Category: Art, Design



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