GRANT #80:


Megan Mosholder is building awesome structures that expand our view of the sights, and shapes, that surround us daily.

Conceptual artist Megan Mosholder is inviting us to reawaken the simple intrigue of looking, by examining our everyday environments a little more closely, with her “Terminus” exhibit.

From Georgia and Ohio, to France and back, Megan is no stranger to nature. As a site-responsive artist, she specializes in setting up temporary materials to highlight aspects of real world situations and locales. Captivated by the interplay between the biological and the industrial, Megan uses objects like twine and lighting to help emphasize aspects of our lives that usually remain unseen or obscured. With “Terminus”, Megan’s mission is to present Atlanta with an engaging, multi-sensory experience that demands a second – and deeper – look.

“Terminus” is a large scale, site-specific installation, based on Atlanta’s original name. The structural work will be interactive, as audiences stroll underneath, becoming bathed in its illumination. Videos of subway trains projected along the walls will create a contrast of horizontal and vertical. With her unique use of light and dark to guide, Megan hopes to highlight the lines that accent the subtle intricacies that surround us. Since such site-specific designs are not cheap, the AWB grant will be needed to purchase many of the raw materials for the installation’s construction, including UV twine, blacklights, lumber, and latex paint.

Take a sneak peek at what this amazing artist has in store for Atlanta, by sampling some of Megan’s previous work here or connect with Megan on Facebook to keep up directly with the Terminus project’s progress.