Grant #91

Skies Painted With Unnumbered Sparks

May 26, 2014

Sculpture that shifts from being an object you look at, to something you can get lost in.

Janet Echelman’s approach to art and design is refreshingly organic. Rather than crafting static sculptures that only invite distant glances, her work blends seamlessly with the environment, creating spectacles you can touch and change. Our inner child’s in good hands with her!

Studio Echelman’s latest, and largest, installation debuted at the TED Conference’s 30th anniversary, in March 2014. The dazzling aerial sculpture, spanning a massive 745 feet, came to life at night for the spectators choreographing the lighting in real time, using physical gestures on their mobile phones. During daylight hours, the soft fibers that make up the structure blend in smoothly with the clear blue, clouds, and sun.

The material for Skies is durable, lightweight, and easy to transport. This makes it ideal for a road show — and that’s exactly where Echelman’s planning to take it! With a little extra funding, Skies can be replicated in cities all around the world. After all, there’s always room for a little more wonder in this world, isn’t there?

You can learn more about Janet’s latest foray into amazement here. Or, visit her on Facebook and Twitter, and find out which city skyline might be next in line to get painted with unnumbered sparks!

Category: Art, Design, Performance, Technology



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