GRANT #14:

Gaia Milieu for “The Color Wheel” at HERE

For the NYC dweller daydreaming about communing with nature, Crystal Wagner’s new installation, Gaia Milieu, may prove to be your lunch break sanctuary.

Through a variety of printmaking processes and “modern world materials” like office supplies, neon straws and pipe cleaners, Crystal will explore the increasingly severe divide between human beings and their natural world.

Crystal is one of three artists featured in HERE Gallery’s latest art exhibit, “The Color Wheel,” which displays the rich variety of emotional responses intense color can evoke, from joy and excitement to intrigue and revulsion. An art exhibit that is dynamic, playful, powerful and pop-y, The Color Wheel aims to engage viewers in a sensual conversation.

Get a feel for Crystal’s work in the time lapse video, above, on her website, and on Facebook, then stop by the Gallery and check out the show! (Did we mention it’s FREE?!)

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