GRANT #124:

Art Barter Mexico

Art without borders...only barters!

What ever happened to the good old days of barter and trade? Nothing! The awesome folks at Art Barter have made it their mission to promote artists’ careers and public engagement by staging exhibitions all over the world. Next stop: Mexico!

What makes AB special is how they stage their exhibitions. A variety of veteran and emerging artists present their art anonymously, and anyone interested in a piece can offer to make an exchange for it. The catch? No money is allowed whatsoever. Instead, anything from a handmade wind-up toy to 30 hours of French lessons has been traded for original artwork!

After the exhibition, the artists reveal themselves. This not only puts their name out there, it establishes meaningful relationships with the rest of the art world, giving their work even more significance. An AWB grant will help pave the way for staging a memorable exhibition in grand old Mexico.

Everyone knows money can’t buy everything, but it’s sure nice to be reminded sometimes! If you treasure the joys of trading, make sure to visit Art Barter’s home page, or connect on Facebook and Twitter.