GRANT #125:

Atlanta FREE Store

This store is easing everyone's financial burdens with literally unbeatable prices.

The only store on Earth EVERYONE can afford!

We may not all be poor, but most of us certainly aren’t rich. And if you don’t have a life-size bust featuring your mug out in the front courtyard, chances are there have been times you wanted or even needed something, but just simply couldn’t afford it. Well, sing that song of sorrow no more sweet Atlanta, ‘cuz the Atlanta FREE Store has opened its doors!

Conceived by the magnificent Tina Banee, The Atlanta FREE Store is like no other. For recent graduates stuck with loans and struggling to buy food, and single parents paying child support, The AFS has been a guardian angel keeping heads high, feet covered and stomachs suppered. This huge-hearted store shares food, clothes, toiletries and household items with anyone who needs them.
The AFS also extends its hands to the homeless, but realizes that many times people with jobs need help too. So Tina’s using that AWB grant to move operations out of her apartment and into a storefront space. There she’ll also be offering a kitchen with dining, and meeting areas for groups like AA. It’s gonna be a FREE-for-all!

On behalf of everyone who has ever had to live off Ramen Noodles while paying bills: thanks Tina! Feel free to send some goodwill back her way by visiting The ASF here or on Facebook.