GRANT #90:

Paper Doll Parties in the Park

The most talked about parties in Northern California’s public parks will likely be due to some unlikely guests.

Arabella Grayson’s hunt for “playthings that looked like her” resulted in the gorgeous touring exhibition “Two Hundred Years of Black Paper Dolls.” Now the freelance writer and public relations consultant is taking her dolls on the road.

With Northern California’s public parks serving as a backdrop, and paper dolls from the 1880’s acting as both co-hosts and conversation starters, Arabella and friends are inviting children and adults alike to create paper dolls in their own likenesses. Guests are also encouraged to write a personal narrative about who they are or who they’d like to become.

What makes this killer concept even more special, is that it happens to be the 1,000th grant awarded by the Awesome Foundation. Which means: our quirky little funding family has now contributed $1,000,000 dollars to forwarding awesome in the universe. Learn more about the enchanting Arabella Grayson collection on her website and blog.

And finally, on a personal note, the Awesome Without Borders chapter dedicates this grant to Trustee Linda Ballew.