Grant #306

Sanar: A Healing Space

August 6, 2018

What can comfort someone who’s recovering from the trauma of violence? It helps to have options, including weird squeezy toys.

Kate Keisel-Caballero is a founder of Sanar, an agency designed for women, girls, and anyone who identifies as female who needs healing on the inside while recovering from the trauma of surviving violence.

Sanar (it means “to heal” in Spanish) offers therapy that includes expressive arts, music, yoga, mindfulness, education, employment coaching, psychiatric support, case advocacy, legal support, and whatever else might be needed to help each individual.

They’ll use this Awesome Without Borders money to buy toys and tools that seem to reduce the symptoms of trauma. If you’ve ever squeezed a stress ball or fiddled with a fidget spinner, you might get how this can be a helpful distraction while dealing with anxiety.

It’s also good to have familiar places, spaces and faces that create a feeling of safety, and that’s what Sanar is bringing to its newest location in Los Angeles. What we love about Sanar is their commitment to bringing the best quality care to people who ordinarily couldn’t afford such services.They believe that effective mental health treatment is a fundamental human right.

We couldn’t agree more.

Learn more at their website, and follow along on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.



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