Grant #159

Second Puberty

September 21, 2015

A humorous, informative guide to HRT.

You’ve all seen those awkward, hilarious puberty videos that your middle school health teacher screened during sex-ed class. But do you ever remember seeing any that were specifically for trans and non-binary individuals considering starting Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)? Probably not. Individuals going through HRT usually experience a “second puberty” as they transition, but there are very few resources or straightforward informational guides on the subject, until now.

“Second Puberty” is a new and upcoming “edutainment” video for trans/non-binary individuals that touches on the physical and emotional aspects of HRT, while offering an honest, humorous, and celebratory look at the experience. The goal is to create something that’s easily digestible and makes sense for everyone – while also employing as many trans individuals as possible throughout the creative process. Although “Second Puberty” is primarily intended for people who are considering going on HRT, it will also be helpful for family members, partners, friends, and allies of trans and non-binary individuals as well, allowing them to understand the experience of HRT as they seek to support the trans and non-binary individuals in their lives.

“The Second Puberty” team consists of writer/producer/sex educator Lux Alptraum, award-winning documentary filmmaker Therese Shechter, writer/playwright Ashley Lauren Rogers, and comedy writer Joe Garden. They will also be collaborating with a number of medical professionals and individuals currently undergoing HRT.

The AWB grant will be put towards expenses such as equipment rental, location rental, and film and music rights. The team is hoping to distribute “Second Puberty” for FREE, so if you’re interested in supporting too, check out their Kickstarter campaign HERE and help spread the word!

Category: Comedy, Education, Film, LGBT



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