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Story Pirates for Schools

March 18, 2019

The Story Pirates Have Commandeered A Boatload Of Books! Now To Divide The Spoilsâ

We’re longtime fans of Story Pirates, a nonprofit that pairs world-class teachers and first-rate performers with stories written by children. The result is delightful sketch comedy and music for the stage, videos, and podcasts that are seen, heard, and read throughout the country. We love their reading and creative writing programs for kids, some of whom happen to be homeless or part of the foster care system.

Recently, the Story Pirates produced the novel Stuck in the Stone Age, based on real-life kid Vince Boberski. It’s an LOL time-travel adventure for elementary-aged kids that sneaks in a creative writing lesson. Readers will learn how to create characters, plot twists, and other elements of a good story in the part of the book called, duh, Story Creation Zone.

Our AWB grant will purchase 75 copies and send them to schools serving the highest percentage of low-income families. This will help make learning more accessible, engaging, and effective for kids, schools, teachers, and families who need it most in New York City and Los Angeles. The Story Pirates will give access to complete lesson plans to all of the teachers at those schools. (Nothing a teacher likes more than an excellent ready-to-rock curriculum!)

The Story Pirates are, naturally, sailing all over social media to tell their stories. Check them out at their website, and on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

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