GRANT #310:

The Black Lunch Table in South Africa

Two contradictory things can be true at the same time. Pretty much, that’s human history. Until recently only one version has been recorded. Meet The Black Lunch Table.

Most Americans grew up learning a generally accepted view of history that turns out to be not so accepted by a lot of people whose experience differs. The Black Lunch Table exists to record modern history as it’s happening by inviting people to have candid conversations about what Black life is like today. The guests come from different generations and different disciplines, getting together to compare notes on the African diaspora (the people of Africa dispersed into the world).

We know the value of an in-person convening, where magic happens because people have the time and the space and the place to go deep. That’s the way The Black Lunch Table works. They offer The Artists Series, bringing artists and curators together, and The People’s Table Series, where a beautiful mix of community members share their perspectives and experiences.

Another way to change the conversation is to change the Wikipedia entry! So The Black Lunch Table stages Wikipedia Edit-A-Thons to make sure the lives and works of Black artists and curators are accurately and adequately recognized in the reference materials of our time.

Our AWB grant will help with expenses for one of these roundtable discussions. Didn’t get an invitation? The Black Lunch Table collects the recorded conversations for an online archive to share with historians, academics, emerging artists, and YOU.

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