Grant #283


February 26, 2018

What, you never heard a choral ensemble sing about guns and sex? Check out Tonality! They’re singing America’s story.

When we heard that there was a professional choral ensemble with a show called “Put Down Your Guns,” we couldn’t help but feel it was a timely program. Then we learned their holiday show, “Stories of Home,” used the traditional Nativity tale of Mary and Joseph to consider others who have been without a place to bed down for the night. They’re not just singing from the sheet music (which this Awesome Without Borders grant will help to buy). They’re singing from their own personal experiences, which they share in the program.

Tonality creates programs designed to move their audiences, and indeed some are moved to action because of what they’ve heard, so Tonality invites representatives of organizations and agencies connected with their show’s themes. Passion can become action in a hurry that way.

We admit we were swayed by Tonality’s choice for their closing program of the season: “Follow Her Lead.” We are all about investing in women’s leadership.

And it will come as no surprise that “Put Down Your Guns” has already been brought back once. We believe that music offers avenues for building community, and you can join Tonality on Twitter (@TonalityMus) / Instagram @tonalitymusic / Facebook (/ourtonality)



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