Grant #282

Sycamore Community Garden

February 19, 2018

America’s not a melting pot, we’re a salad! Mix organic gardens with immigrants & new neighbors for awesomeness.

We love this recipe: take some land, divide into dozens of garden plots. Invite longtime community residents to plant organic vegetables, add a generous helping of new neighbors who happen to be refugees making a new home in the USA. Mix thoroughly, blending with volunteers and staff people to teach gardening skills and model cross-cultural understanding. What do you get?

If you’re lucky, you get the Sycamore Community Garden in Concord, New Hampshire.

For nearly a decade, families who couldn’t be more different come together to plant, tend, harvest, and socialize, and guess what? The differences don’t matter much when you’re sharing experiences, stories, and maybe a shared sense of purpose.

What could add to the awesomeness?

How about some picnic tables, a little shade to rest under, and more gardening tools?

That’s what this Awesome Without Borders grant will provide.

People used to say that America was a great melting pot, where people came from all countries to become one dish. It turns out we’re more like a salad, with a lot of delicious ingredients retaining their identity but working together very well. Check out all the goodness growing at , and follow along with their Facebook page and Instagram account.



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Team Awesome Without Borders