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Women’s Media Summit

February 12, 2018

She got the ACLU & EEOC to confront major Hollywood studios about discriminatory gender ratios. Now what?

Why are there so few women hired to helm big-budget major motion pictures? Feature film writer/director Maria Giese refused to accept the glacial pace of advancement for women in the entertainment industry. In fact, she made a federal case of it. First she went to the ACLU, and in 2015 she instigated the EEOC’s investigation into the systemic exclusion of women. Now it’s reported that all six major Hollywood studios are in settlement negotiations with the federal government.

Maria’s not waiting for them to get their act together. She’s busy organizing the second Women’s Media Summit and Film Financing Forum set for April 4-8 in Provincetown, MA.

Maria’s in the solutions business, so the conference will concentrate on next actions, not just rehashing the problems everybody already recognizes as detrimental to women.

The first Summit produced an ambitious agenda including lobbying, legislation, and funding. The upcoming Summit includes a two-day film financing forum designed to support female filmmakers in getting the money they need to launch their projects. For more information about their work, check out the Women’s Media Action Coalition (

You’re invited to learn more and pitch in, even if the closest you’ve come to the movie industry is to pre-order your tickets for Black Panther.

Check out the Summit and register today:



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